Earning Her Wings Gracefully

Coco’s Obsidian Strike

Our sweet Sidney -“Bomber” aka…Sidnerella, Godzilla, Tasmanian Devil, Stalker girl…has earned her wings.

Sidney taught us all so much about being brave and never giving up the “Good Fight”, and she taught me to be a better trainer, benevolent leader, and dog mom.

Sidnerella despite being the consummate alpha female, made everyone her friend; dogs, people and furry’s alike…she made everyone smile and all of us occasionally laugh while screaming!

Some of her favorite highlights over the last 12 years were helping rehabilitate and train hundreds and hundreds of dogs, many of whom would have been euthanized, showing nearly 165 new born foster puppies the ropes after they were weaned from their mamas, searching for and finding 7 dogs that had been missing for 24hrs or longer, including 2 for DFW Lab Rescue, and her most prized memory – earning her nickname “Bomber” by being one of the best tactical dogs around.

August 26, 2011 she joined the ranks of the many fearless Tripawds who have gone before her, after losing her right front leg to a rare highly aggressive form of Fibro Sarcoma. In true Sidney fashion she was up and outside in just a day and retrieving at the lake in just 4 weeks. She proved very quickly that it was us humans that have the hang ups with physical appearance and see them as limits. Sidney knew NO LIMITS!

November and December found her out teaching children about physical differences, sharing about “Tripawds” with the public (http://bomber.tripawds.com), and being an honorary ambassadog to help raise funds for dogs in need.

We spent her last day swimming and exploring at Denison Dam, Texoma – a favorite haunt where she loved to train her whole life. We ate chicken sandwiches and fries and chased and chased and chased her good cuz!

When sunset came she laid down in the field where she had first met her favorite vet team 12 years ago and who have cared for her since she was 7weeks old. Surrounded by friends and family she passed gracefully Thursday at 5:21pm.

Fly our sweet black angel…we love you and you will be missed!

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